Artwork created for Frankee on RAM Records - 
Release: Black Heart - Wonderland

After the success of his debut track Firethorn, drum and Bass producer Frankee’s second release on Ram records sister label was highly anticipated.
A recently signed exclusivity deal between Frankee and the genre-leading imprint meant there was a huge amount of focus on the EP creative, as well as the music itself.

The title track of the album ‘Black Heart’ incorporates a mystical chorus of voices, a haunting, military type repetition entwined with more traditional and recognisable sounds of drum and bass.
I felt that such a strong feature of the title track should really define the artistic direction for the album artwork.

Abstract and distorted, the audience can see the purveyors of the chorus, warriors that have fought and fallen together. In parallel with the music the warriors are collectively emerging from a dark and mysterious space.

The distorted faces emerging from a heart represent the tormented souls of the warriors; they remain as one, even after their demise.

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