Established in 2009, InfoParty is an event management agency that specialise in the promotion
of music events, from underground warehouse parties to established and well known club nights.
The InfoParty collective describe themselves and what they offer clients with the following message: ‘Music Lovers, Free thinkers, Promotion experts, Social media wizards and anything 
you need to keep your party going!’

Essentially InfoParty’s self description served as a perfect brief for me to create and deliver
a concept true to the identity of the organisation.


There were several elements to combine into the INFOPARTY project including key information,
the excitement of promoting an upcoming event and the ability to engage audiences across varied media platforms.

I aimed to create a logo that demonstrated the passion, dedication and professionalism that INFOPARTY
translate into their promotion of music events.
I achieved this by creating some key features that run throughout the campaign, including:

 Use a custom type that gives the audience a perception of ‘buzz’ being created by the exciting news
or message disseminated through the INFOPARTY brand.  

Create social platform assets that visually reference the party lover that INFOPARTY targets and surround that reference with a luminous magic vibe, complimented by the strong CTA in the copy.

Highlighting a core function of INFOPARTY by creating a logo that could be used as a location marker to highlight parties
and events on maps.

Colour palette
Web promotion
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