Art Direction and Photography for ONEMORE london - Halloween Party
Of all the ONEMORE parties, the ONEMORE Halloween event is renowned as the most spectacular, with hundreds of techno lovers in fancy dress dancing into the early hours. The ONEMORE promoters really wanted to create a significant visual which would achieve cut through amongst the mass promotion of Halloween events. To meet the brief it was important to put clear ground between this piece of work and that of standard Halloween creative, no blood and certainly no cobwebs.
The sharp imagery stands off the page and the viewers eye is drawn to the clean shapes and neutral colour. The subject’s ‘doll-like’ complexion adds to the initial tone of innocence.
The viewer now recognises that in fact, all is not right with the subject, if not capturing the detail at first glance. The audience identifies the weapons and underlying theme of violence.
By creating raised levels and shapes the androgenic structure further adds to the theme of innocence. Is this a child’s game? When the audience try and look closer to discover, they are subconsciously contaminated with darkness.
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